Fråga mig inte hur jag hittade den här boken

”The Swedish phenotype (blue eyes, blond hair, well-formed healthy body, tall elegant stature, elongated face, open honest sight) comprises typical bodily characteristics of the Arian ideal. Bur what about the stupidity of the blond and the naivety of the blue eyed? Biro is not shy to tell you the truth (honestly and politely) behind the arianity and stupidity of he Swedish blue-eyed blondes. We learn that the Swedes developed their own religion, the adoration of ALLA. Please do not confuse this with ALLAH, which is the Arabic name for God and has nothing to do with this new and breathtaking religion. ALLA is the Swedish word for EVERYBODY and refers to two religious concepts and personal faiths: First Alla, Tillsammans ( Everybody Altogether ) and second Alla Skall Ha ( Everybody Should Have ). This religion occupies all places in the Swedish heart and all nerves in the Swedish brain.
Intresserad? Boken finns på Amazon. Författarens hemsida (inklusive CV!) här.

Under författarens vetenskapliga bidrag (13 punkter år för år) ligger ”Full understanding of the redundancy of the genetic code” (2008). Den du.


One thought on “Fråga mig inte hur jag hittade den här boken

  1. Viktor två dörrar bort skriver:

    haha, fantastiskt!


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